It has been a while since my exhibition art in the asylum closed. after a period of reactive melancholia and an assortment of invited speaker events like art of psychiatry I am regrouping and writing a text about it. The text features an exciting band of authors including the outsider art inventor himself Roger Cardinal, Surrealism expert Silvano Levy and David O’Flynn chair of the Adamson Collection. Artwork from Adamson’s vast collection featured heavily in ‘art in the asylum’ ‘ and is currently on show as part of the Adamson festival Here is a picture of me and the wonderful John Timlin, Adamson’s collaborator and lifelong partner. adamson

Meanwhile here are some memories from the preview:

and the exhibition

plus Roger Cardinal and Nick Tromans‘ most excellent talk

Finally, my ‘9 tonne baby’ celebrated its 1st birthday recently. How I fondly remember the frosty morning the giant arrived by lorry
all the way from Petacci.


Happy Birthday E57A0619 (2)to House for a Gordian Knot and thank you to the wonderful and talented sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger for giving us pleasure now and for centuries to come.