Archives for posts with tag: outsider art light and pattern imagesChildren are naturally creative. They explore, experiment and fantasise, unconstrained by formalised artistic training and convention. Children do not typically censor the content of their artwork hence it reveals insights into their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Elements including symbolism, size and colour offer important clues and cues to those around them. As children develop verbal language, artwork can be considered a form of graphic articulation. This concept is useful when communication is challenging and as a route to unconscious exploration.

Many artists seek to recapture the raw emotionality of unconstrained childlike creativity. Professional primitivists incorporate the aesthetic of naiveté and there is much interest in the work of untrained or outsider artists, some who are considered naïve, folkloric or tribal in style.

The Fair

An installation The Child’s Hand at the Outsider Art Fair, Paris will explore relationships between art produced by children and work made by artists who reference a childlike worldview, stylistically or in content matter.

A panel (including an artist, psychologist, and curator) will gather during the fair to consider the role and significance of children’s art and what it may reveal to us about the work and practice of contemporary artists.

Call for artwork

We invite submissions of art made by children. We seek work on paper made spontaneously (i.e. without adult instruction) by your child/ren that you find especially interesting. 2-3 (maximum) high quality images of work may be submitted, along with the age and gender of the artist and the name and contact details of the parent or guardian of the child artist. Explanatory or accompanying text should not be included.

A panel of artists and curators will consider the work submitted. The permission of parents/guardians will be sought should their child’s work be selected for exhibition. Please note that submission of work is no guarantee of inclusion in the installation.

Please send submissions or queries via email only to by 1700 29th June 2016.


It has been a while since my exhibition art in the asylum closed. after a period of reactive melancholia and an assortment of invited speaker events like art of psychiatry I am regrouping and writing a text about it. The text features an exciting band of authors including the outsider art inventor himself Roger Cardinal, Surrealism expert Silvano Levy and David O’Flynn chair of the Adamson Collection. Artwork from Adamson’s vast collection featured heavily in ‘art in the asylum’ ‘ and is currently on show as part of the Adamson festival Here is a picture of me and the wonderful John Timlin, Adamson’s collaborator and lifelong partner. adamson

Meanwhile here are some memories from the preview:

and the exhibition

plus Roger Cardinal and Nick Tromans‘ most excellent talk

Finally, my ‘9 tonne baby’ celebrated its 1st birthday recently. How I fondly remember the frosty morning the giant arrived by lorry
all the way from Petacci.


Happy Birthday E57A0619 (2)to House for a Gordian Knot and thank you to the wonderful and talented sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger for giving us pleasure now and for centuries to come.